About Me

I am a painter and jewellery maker working in a variety of media. Anything and everything might go into my paintings, I have a desire to be environmentally aware in my work and like to recycle/ reuse/ repurpose old and found items as much as possible.

I started creating mixed media paintings to satisfy my desire to dabble in many different creative areas, I’m a bit of a butterfly and will happily flit from cake decorating to print and pattern making to lampworking beads to turning dolls into Halloween zombies to sewing cushions to making Christmas ornaments and so on…! All of my canvases are salvaged and I use recycled and second hand materials to create texture. I am always looking for ways to reduce my environmental impact.

I have recently begun working on a range of jewellery pieces using metal clay and mixed media to complement my paintings. I love the fact that silver clay is a recycled product which when fired turns into a solid precious metal, either fine (99.9%) or Sterling (92.5%) silver.

Much of my work is inspired by the ocean; the colours, the power, the peacefulness and contrasting destructiveness and the beauty and mysteries of the life within it. One of my favourite pastimes is beachcombing, I have an almost magical feeling of being engulfed by nature every time I’m by the sea and I find it incredibly therapeutic and thrilling hunting for the ocean’s washed up treasures!

I’ve studied many disciplines, I moved to Leicestershire from Suffolk in 2008 to do a degree in Design Crafts at De Montfort University where I spent a lot of time turning glass bottles into lampworked jewellery pieces and annoying people with my eco friendly obsession! Since then I have been making art and crafting whenever I can in between raising my two small rambunctious humans and working part time.

I hope you like what you see, please get in touch if you have any questions, I’m very happy to answer!

I have some pieces of my work for sale on eBay and will be listing more in the near future.

Thanks for stopping by 😊

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